Prayer and Study

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Prayer is related to study. How? Well firstly, Jesus = Bread of Life = Bible. This means we are studying Jesus, in the form of a Book. He, in turn, transmits our prayers to the Father.

We speak to God through prayer; He speaks to us through the Bible. If we pray and don’t study, it’s as if we’re having a one-way conversation – we don’t get a response.

It also works as ´before, prayer, after´

Before: we don’t know that we need God, so we search the Word.

Prayer: the Holy Spirit shows us God´s will and we realize we need Him.

After: our prayers are answered through more study of the Word.

Q: When we study, how do we eat Jesus´ words?

To eat or chew is a physical action. In spiritual terms, physical action is to live what I study/believe. The thing is that while I chew it’s in my power to reject it and spit it out – therefore, if I want to eat Christ´s words I must swallow them, digest them and distribute them throughout my body so they become part of me.

NOTE: I must make the effort – no-one will come and feed me. I may chew and reject the food 100 times and then I’ll starve.

To live what we believe we must work, spread the gospel. This work brings us closer to Christ because we begin to understand His ministry.

When we teach others, we must study for ourselves and them, and so we stay spiritually alive. Sharing (especially the gospel message) makes us humble, which is another character trait of Jesus.

Work – how is it related to study or prayer?

Prayer and study give us the power, the resources and the crucial information we need to teach others. If we want to give water we must get it from somewhere…

“…whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” John 4:14.

Keep studying, and remember to acknowledge your need. This tiny action – it doesn’t take long – may lead you to a perfect harmony with God. In this way you will live what you believe, and it will become easier for you to share the message.

It’s working for me; I know it can work for you.