Power in Prayer

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My friend and I decided to go on a trip up the coast recently. We packed our bags, put everything in the car and were about to leave. Just before we pulled out of the driveway we said a quick prayer, for protection and safe travel.

The drive up there was going excellently, and we had nearly reached our destination. We began to come down the last mountain, which is well-known for its windy road, and as it was late at night, we took extra care approaching the last two bends.

Because of the late hour, it was near impossible to see that there was water from a driveway flowing across the road, only visible halfway through the bend.

As soon as the car hit the water, we lost control. The car spun out, rolled off the side of the road and down the mountain. The car landed facing the opposite direction to which we were driving. It was passenger side down, with the wheels of the car against a set of trees that stopped us from rolling further down the mountain.

It all happened very quickly, and as soon as the car had stopped we said a prayer again, so thankful that our lives had been spared.

The windows were shattered, the roof was scratched, and the sides of the car were completely smashed in, yet despite these things, my friend and I were able to walk away unhurt.

I couldn’t even begin to explain how we were alive, completely unscathed. It’s so difficult to remember all the details, but looking down the mountain at the car, I knew that angels had been looking after us.

God gave my friend and me second lives

 God has amazing plans for the youth of today. I know now that God has big plans for my life, and I hope to never forget that.

I want to appeal to all youth who are struggling with the decision to serve God, and those who have already decided, to continue, because God is real. He does listen, He does want us to be happy, and He will help us; all we need to do is ask.

An excellent start is a simple prayer, asking God to come into your life. He will hear you, and He will answer your prayer.